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Photography Policy

Our sunflower/cut flower fields, pine tree row, sunset areas, over an acre pond and wheat/rye field make the perfect backdrop for photos! We welcome photographers in search of a great setting for a session to schedule with Ward’s Farm.

Photographers must receive Ward’s Farm schedule approval for photo/video shoots that:

  • Are with clients (or friends/family, whether professional or amateur)
  • Utilize professional equipment
  • Are works for hire
  • Include staged photos or videos
  • Involve client photography
  • Involve the exchange of money for a service rendered

Professional equipment includes but not limited to:

  • Detachable flash
  • Diffusers
  • Large photography bags
  • Lights
  • Monopod
  • Multiple lenses
  • Props
  • Reflectors
  • Tripod
  • Umbrellas
  • And/or similar items

These types of photoshoots MUST be scheduled outside of ‘Pick Your Own’ hours and are based upon farm availability. This is done to allow our guests visiting the farm to freely pick flowers/pumpkins without having to worry about getting in the way of a photoshoot. This also allows our photographers to not have to worry about guests ruining a shot. We want all our guests to enjoy the experience of the farm.

Photography Session

Photoshoots are to be scheduled outside of our ‘Pick Your Own’ event hours for a fee

    • $30 per session for use of the sunflower fields (& other cut flowers in same field) only
    • $40 per session for sunflower fields (& other cut flowers in same field) only sunset timeframe*
  • The farm has other photographer favorites like a pine tree row, acre pond, sunset areas & wheat/rye field
    • $40 per session for full farm
    • $50 per session for full farm sunset timeframe*
  • Payment is due prior to the scheduled session via Cash App, Venmo or Zelle
  • A session may be up to one hour. If you choose to schedule multiple sessions within that hour, you are subject to the per session fee
  • Photoshoots that exceed the one hour time limit will be charged per 15 minute at the quarterly rate of the session scheduled

We require that you tag Ward’s Farm (‘add location’ & ‘tag people’) in your photos posted on social media. All photos must be identified as being photographed at Ward’s Farm. 

A Ward’s Farm owner will guide first time Ward’s Farm photographers to the fields open for photos. After your tour, the staff will not remain for the duration of the photo session. Our staff is not responsible for directing clients to your photoshoot location. Photographers, please instruct your clients to contact you upon their arrival.

Please remember, sunflowers are an agricultural crop and are subject to Mother Nature. The weather and growing conditions are variables that could impact the growth of the sunflowers. We cannot guarantee that the sunflowers will bloom on a particular date. If you schedule ahead of blooming, please ensure your dates are flexible.

Photography Farm Rules & Other Information

  • Ward’s Farm reserves the right to halt any photography session deemed to be disruptive
  • Please do not disrupt the flowers or vegetation
  • Flowers cut for photoshoot props must be purchased at $1/stem fee (sunflowers) 5/$1 (cut flowers)
  • Scheduled photoshoots are reserved for those being photographed only. Please do not bring additional family/friends or ‘tagalongs’
  • Props must be carried to your photoshoot location and removed upon departure
  • All photos should be family friendly
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • It is the responsibility of the photographer to be aware of the weather and reschedule with Ward’s Farm and their client prior to their photoshoot start time. Rain dates can be rescheduled at no additional cost if rescheduled before start of photoshoot

Please use the form below to send requests to reserve a scheduled photoshoot. Ward’s Farm will contact you to for payment and request that this required waiver be completed once your request has been processed. Payment and waiver must be received by Ward’s Farm within 48 hours of confirmation or schedule request will be released. Thank you. 

Please Use Booking Calendar Below to Schedule Your Photoshoot

Our main 'Pick Your Own' Sunflower Fields will not be in bloom in August, but we we will have sunflowers in bloom in a smaller field. Please send us a message if you'd like to schedule an August photoshoot. Our main 'Pick Your Own' Field will begin to bloom again mid September through October with Pumpkins as well.

Our sunflower and cut flower fields are no longer blooming for the 2021 season. To schedule a winter photo session, please send us a message/email. The booking calendar will reopen with availability Spring 2022

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Photography Policy Q&A

For easy, contactless payment, we accept: Venmo, cash app and zelle. We also accept cash.

Friends and family are encouraged to use a personal camera or cell phone to take as many casual/candid photos as they would like during ‘Pick Your Own’ events

The fee helps to cover the crop & pay the farmer for his planting

This is done to allow our guests visiting the farm to freely pick flowers/pumpkins without having to worry about getting in the way of a photoshoot. This also allows our photographers to not have to worry about guests ruining a shot. We want all our guests to enjoy the experience of the farm.

Yes, your clients can pick sunflowers or pumpkins during their photoshoot. Sunflowers and Pumpkins will be the same price as they are during our events. Please send payment for items picked VIA Cash App, Venmo or Zelle.

‘Sunset timeframe’ or ‘golden hour’ is the last hour of light before sunset that produces a warm natural light.

Yes, visitors looking to take casual/candid pictures of their friends/family during ‘Pick Your Own’ event hours are permitted as long as the only item used is the camera. The addition of lenses, photography bag, any other professional equipment (see above), or staged photos/videos will give the impression you are here for a photoshoot rather than just a ‘Pick Your Own’ visit. Guests with professional equipment or staged photos/videos during regular ‘Pick Your Own’ hours will be asked to end their photoshoot and schedule outside of ‘Pick Your Own’ hours.

Please contact Ward’s farm. We can recommend a photographer that has photographed at Ward’s Farm previously.


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