Ward's Farm NJ


Have questions? Review our frequently asked questions! 

What are the farm hours?

We do not have set hours, we have an honest box Farm Stand at the end of the driveway that is re-stocked with fresh flowers daily.  We do open for Events and you can come to the farm by contacting us and setting up an appointment

Do you allow photoshoots?

We allow photoshoots by appointment online.  We are also work with a few photographers that have exclusivity for certain events.  If you are a photographer and interested in working with us please contact us.

Do you do large flower orders?

We accept large orders for events but we need advance warning.  Although we can supply larger orders throughout the season it is best to contact us in advance so we can be prepared.  If you have a special event the earlier the better.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out as we often can still fulfill orders with short notice.

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